Living Arrangements

Thompson Harvesting provides room and board for its crew members.  During the harvest season, we have a bunk trailer house to accommodate our crew members. The crew bunk trailer include bunk beds, closet, washing machine, showers, refrigerator, and microwave. We provide two excellent meals every day except Sunday. Crew members are on their own for Sundays. Meals are eaten in the field when we're harvesting and in the cook's trailer other times.  Breakfast is provided in the bunk trailer houses.  Each crew member is responsible for preparing their own breakfast.

During the fall season, when harvesting at our home base, the crew members are provided with a house.  

No smoking is allowed in either the bunk trailer houses or the house at home base.
No drugs or alcohol are allowed at anytime or anyplace.

Cook Shack

Bunk Trailer

while not harvesting, there is work to be done around the farm