A valid drivers license is required for employment.

Absolutely no drugs or alcohol allowed.

We do not harvest/work on Sundays.

Room and board is provided.

We hire for wheat harvest starting each year in January.

Work begins sometime in May and continues 6 days a week until around the end of November/ beginning of December.

Fall harvest begins in September.  

We prefer employees work thru both harvest seasons.

During harvest downtime, there will be jobs around the farm, and/or equipment maintenance to be done. 

As harvesters, we get paid by the quantity and quality of our work. Our crew members also get paid by the quantity and quality of their work. If you are a capable, conscientious, and careful worker, we will give you adequate increases in your salary.  If you have good work habits, are self-motivated, disciplined, dependable, not afraid of hard work, and enjoy a family-type environment, working with Thompson Harvesting may be the employment opportunity for you!

If you are interested in joining our harvest crew, complete the Harvest Application.